SWRJ’s Webinar Series!

SWRJ Three Part Webinar Series

Webinar One: The Role of Social Workers in Issues of Reproductive Health — Watch the recording of this webinar by clicking here

Presenters: Gretchen Ely, PhD and Melanie Otis, PhD

The NASW Code of Ethics requires social workers to respect a client’s right to self-determination, including making individual health decisions. In addition, the NASW Policy Statement on Family Planning and Reproductive Health states that social work as a profession supports clients’ rights to choose how, when and if to reproduce and raise a family through access to family planning services, including abortion.

Gretchen Ely, PhD, will outline her research findings regarding the need for more education and training surrounding issues of reproductive health among social work students. Both Ely and Dr. Melanie Otis will discuss the importance of infusing these skills into social work practice and give some practical ideas on how to empower clients to have self-determination in matters of reproductive health by providing them with unbiased and accurate information and referrals.

Webinar Two: Reproductive Justice in Social Work Practice — Watch the recording of this webinar by clicking here

Presentors: Nicole Clark, LMSW and Reia Chapman, LCSW, LISW

What is reproductive justice (RJ) and how does it relate to our work as social workers? This webinar will give an overview of the reproductive justice framework and make the connection between this movement and various social justice movements that are related and integral to social work practice. The presenters will discuss how social workers can exemplify the Code of Ethics around social justice issues on the national level and provide ideas and examples of how we can promote RJ at the micro, mezzo, macro level.

The content:

  • Discussion of social work community-based practice
  • Reproductive Justice (RJ) 101: distinguishing the reproductive health, rights and justice movements
  • Connecting RJ to various social justice movements and a discussion of how RJ benefits communities
  • The differences between RJ and pro-choice movement
  • Why it’s important for social workers to integrate RJ framework into their practice
  • A discussion of how social workers can exemplify the Code of Ethics around social justice issues on the national level using recent examples in the media
  • What barriers are faced by social workers in promoting RJ
  • How social workers can promote RJ at the micro, mezzo, macro level
  • Sharing of resources for further learning and investigation

Webinar Three: Options Counseling in Social Work Practice 

watch this webinar by clicking here!

Presenters: Chloe Hanson Hebert, MSW and Jessica Laigle
Thursday, March 26th, 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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Regardless of the type of practice, social workers are in a unique position to be the first point of connection and support for clients who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, which is likely impacting other realms of their life.  Because social workers are many times already connected and trusted in the communities they serve, they are ideal agents for opening this discussion and equipping clients with the tools needed to take the next step.

This webinar will discuss options counseling for clients on reproductive health options in relation to the NASW code of ethics as well as incorporate social work-related theories and practice models that compliment the options counseling model.


  • Utilizing common social work interventions in an RJ framework
  • Discussing the NASW Code of ethics in relation to counseling clients on reproductive options
  • An overview of theories and practice models that fit well with the Options Counseling model
  • A discussion of where to look for unbiased resources and how to make a speedy referral

Special Thanks to the Abortion Conversation Project for their support throughout this project!

 These webinars were developed by Social Workers for Reproductive Justice with support from the Abortion Conversation Project.

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