About SWRJ

SWRJ is a developing organization with people involved from DC and PA to TX and HI.  We are a collaborative, nationwide organization that works to promote reproductive justice and the social work profession through advocacy, activism, education and training in order to meet the reproductive health care needs of all people and their families.

SWRJ is lead by professional social workers who believe in supporting the next generation of pro-choice providers and activists.  We are currently establishing ourselves as an official non-profit organization, applying for grant funding and are seeking experienced leaders from the reproductive justice community to help guide us as members of our advisory committee.

Social Workers for Reproductive Justice believes that social workers should follow the NASW Code of Ethics by advocating for self-determination when it comes to issues of sexual and reproductive health. This means that when in practice a social worker should support any and all clients making decisions related to when, how and if to have a family and provide unbiased support, accurate information, and appropriate referrals for the client’s needs.